On May 7, the first China International Consumer Goods Expo was officially launched at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center! What is special about the Consumer Expo this year? Come and follow Yingjia to see the style!


On May 6, President Xi sent a congratulatory letter to the first China International Consumer Goods Fair: "China is willing to leverage the advantages of the Hainan Free Trade Port in comprehensively deepening reforms and experimenting with the highest level of openness policies, deepen bilateral, multilateral and regional cooperation, and work with all parties to join hands. Create a better future for mankind together."


Participating companies of the first Consumer Expo came from about 70 countries and regions, and nearly 1,500 domestic and foreign companies participated in the exhibition. There are over 1,300 foreign exhibitors and over 1,200 domestic brands.


Exhibitors from all over the world

From costumes and bags to beauty products, from jewellery diamonds to yachts and cars, there will be hundreds of consumer products making their debut!


Everything from jewelry to pet supplies


The rise of e-commerce platforms in international consumer goods

The Consumer Fair can realize direct transactions between global buyers and sellers, introduce high-quality consumer products from abroad, make up for the insufficient supply of domestic high-end consumer products, and is a carrier for smoothing the domestic cycle;

Connecting the two markets to promote the smooth flow of goods, services and elements is also a carrier to promote dual cycles.


Natural and healthy products are more popular

The Consumer Fair is the first national-level exhibition with the theme of consumer products. Through this platform, ordinary people can buy high-quality goods at their doorsteps, enjoy high-level services, and better meet the needs of people for a better life. The most direct and practical measures for the people are also conducive to implementing the strategy of expanding domestic demand and promoting high-quality economic development.


Excellent logistics is the guarantee of consumption growth

From the Canton Fair to the Service Trade Fair, from the China International Import Expo to the Consumer Fair, China has opened its door wider and wider.

While the global epidemic is still spreading, China resolutely held the Consumer Expo as scheduled, releasing a positive signal to the world that major strategic results have been achieved in epidemic prevention and control, the economy continues to be stable and improving, and it has also injected positive energy into the haze world.


The first China International Consumer Goods Fair will end on the 10th. Yingjia Hesheng wishes this consumer fair a complete success!

Post time: Sep-06-2021